THANK YOU Fort Worth, Texas!

I was born & raised on the south side of Ft. Worth, TX, ("Funkytown") during the height of gang violence in the states. We were put in every organized program you could imagine to keep us "focused on our FOCUS". 

Free programs in the 🎼fine arts/🎭performing arts, 🏈sports, 🥋YMCA, 🏕day camps, 🛰retreats, 📚even tutorial programs, because my Math game was dusty lol, all kept our attention. My grandfather ran countless #BoysandGirlsclubs in Newark & East Orange, NJ., & my Mom devoted her life to train & mold young creative minds through dance, drama & music. So receiving this #Proclamation of service & achievement in my hometown of #TarrantyCounty, Texas on this day was a huge honor. My role in life is to #payitforward. I will fight for the development & functions of programs of this magnitude for the rest of my life because they were & are STILL needed. 

There is a kid somewhere inspired by my progress like I was inspired by others. They will raise the bar & reach incredible heights that I can't even imagine & that in itself makes "this" all worth while. Thank you again Roy C. Brooks & the Commissioners Court of Tarant County &  #FWISD for giving me this opportunity. 🔑 Great things in our future. 🙌🏾